Lennox Air Conditioners

We require dependability of performance from all the equipment supplied by our brand partners. When it comes to air conditioning, Lennox delivers and then some.

Quality HVAC products from this established manufacturer are installed and maintained by our professional technicians, leaving nothing to chance.

Heat Pumps

Don’t let the name fool you – heat pumps can provide warmth in the winter, but also cooling comfort in the summer.

By compressing air and controlling its circulation through the building, the same system keeps your living space at a comfortable temperature throughout the year.


Depending on the way your air ducts are structured, standard heat pumps may not be an option.

Thankfully, mini-splits can provide a viable alternative! Contact Bolder Services to explore viability options for your property, and have a mini-split heat pump installed with as many as five indoor cooling units connected to just one outdoor condensing unit.

AC Failure Signs

The last thing you want during a heat wave is a broken AC.

If you’re witnessing signs of a failing air conditioning unit – growling, screeching, or clattering noises, reduced air outflow, etc – be sure to reach out to Bolder Services for an emergency consultation!

Apprentice Program

Work your way toward becoming an HVAC installation and maintenance expert – apply for the Bolder Services Apprentice Program today!

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