Are you confident with your current heating system?
Contact us today and let’s find a solution that guarantees the home comfort you deserve! We provide residential and commercial furnace installation and repair, as well as unmatched service agreements on all equipment maintenance. We also invite you to consider our special furnace services, such as custom duct design, painting and graining, or vintage wood return air floor grates.


In addition to fixing leaky boilers, our expert technicians can diagnose a wide variety of potential problems, improving your system’s efficiency.

Whether we propose boiler repair or replacement, you can rest assured that the solution is appropriate to your heating requirements, reducing your energy consumption and boosting overall performance.

Heat Pumps

Get your heat pump back in full working order before the cold weather comes creeping in. And if you still don’t have one installed on your property, what are you waiting for?

Instead of burning fuel, a heat pump is a great alternative to keep your living space warm with increased efficiency.


Depending on the way your air ducts are structured, standard heat pumps may not be an option.

Thankfully, mini-splits can provide a viable alternative! Contact Bolder Services to explore viability options for your property, and have a mini-split heat pump installed with as many as five indoor heating units connected to just one outdoor condensing unit.

Apprentice Program

Work your way toward becoming an HVAC installation and maintenance expert – apply for the Bolder Services Apprentice Program today!

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