Keeping Your Wisconsin Business Safe With Local Commercial HVAC Services

    Keeping your business facility comfortable is essential not just for your employees but for your customers as well. Wisconsin has brutal winters and can be sweltering when the conditions are right in the summer. Thankfully, Bolder Services can provide local commercial HVAC services to suit your needs.

    Our team is skilled at handling your specific heating and cooling problems and feels comfortable working in many situations. We can provide commercial solutions that make your Wisconsin facility comfortable and safe without compromising your budget.

    Heating Your Commercial Property

    When winter comes in Wisconsin, temperatures can dip well below zero as cold winds come off Lake Michigan. While the Packers may use that cold to their advantage in home games, your business will likely suffer if you don’t take this severe cold seriously with local commercial HVAC services. Failure to take this problem seriously could cause several issues, including how you may:

    • Lose Customers. If your customers don’t feel comfortable or safe visiting your facility, they might stop coming, and you could lose operating capital quickly.
    • Frustrate Employees. When your employees have to bundle up in your building, they might get frustrated or even think about moving to a new employer.
    • Damage Your Building. Extreme cold isn’t just uncomfortable but can damage your building, causing warped interior materials and burst pipes throughout your interior.

    Thankfully, Bolder Services can help by ensuring that these problems are taken care of quickly and efficiently. Our team of professionals fully understands the unique processes necessary for commercial heating and can install various items to keep your facility running smoothly. Just a few things that we can do for you and your business facility include:

    • Installing boilers that help to keep your facility comfortable and warm during winter
    • Adding heat pumps that move heat from room to room using electricity instead of fuel
    • Putting in mini-splits that provide efficient heating in smaller areas with minimal costs
    • Creating zone heating to give you maximum heating control over your facility

    By working with our team at Bolder Services, you can get the hands-on help you need to keep your facility smooth and operational. However, that’s just one side of our local commercial HVAC services. Our team of experts can also install cooling systems that ensure your facility is comfortable when the sweltering Midwest heat suddenly descends upon Wisconsin throughout June, July, and August.

    Keeping Your Business Cool

    While heating is vital to keeping your Wisconsin business safe, Bolder Services can also ensure it stays comfortably cool in the summer. Heavy heat can be uncomfortable when they sweep through the Midwest, but our team can help you stay comfortable by

    • Installing Heat Pumps. Yes, heat pumps can help keep your business cool by using electricity to shift cool air through your facility. That makes heat pumps an excellent investment for both hot and cool seasons, giving you plenty of bang for your buck when you work with us at Bolder Systems.
    • Putting In Mini-Splits. Like heat pumps, mini-splits are far more than just a heating unit. They can also efficiently distribute cool air through your building and create high-quality heat management that lets you keep specific areas of your facility cooler, depending on your needs.
    • Producing Zone Cooling. Some areas of your office will probably need to be cooler than others. Thankfully, our zone cooling system can help you keep your reception areas cool enough to fight off the summer heat while letting you set more reasonable temperatures elsewhere.
    • Creating Central Cooling Management. Central air is a powerful cooling method to ensure your facility is comfortable. Our team of professionals at Bolder Services will ensure that you have the total air management you want and need for your facility’s comfort.

    These local commercial HVAC services are critical for keeping your company safe and operational. Our team of experts at Bolder Services will work hard to ensure that you get the best possible experience, including sitting down with you to ensure you understand each of these steps.

    Just as significantly, we’ll help you better understand the vital importance of regular maintenance. Too many businesses simply install new cooling units and assume that’s all they need to do. That’s simply not the case; our team can help ensure you get the best experience possible with your maintenance.

    Maintenance is a Critical Step

    Regular HVAC maintenance is critical because it ensures that your facility runs smoothly and effectively. Our team at Bolder Services can help you keep your facility safe by providing hands-on repair and maintenance. Make sure you pay attention to serious concerns, such as

    • Growling Noises. These disturbing noises can show that your unit is struggling and needs to be replaced or repaired. Our team will come to your site and do the repairs to ensure you are safe and protected from this danger and its problematic influence.
    • Frozen Coils. Your unit should never freeze up; if it does, that signifies a few different problems. It could be something as simple as a damaged air filter, but it can be more complex. Our team will work hard to determine what is wrong and protect your business.
    • Inappropriate Air Temperatures. If your unit starts blowing hot or cold air at the wrong times, there’s something wrong with it. We’ll check what is wrong and ensure that your unit is back in operation promptly, provided it isn’t damaged and can run effectively.

    No matter what problems you notice with your unit, taking them seriously and getting help from us at Bolder Services is essential. Our team will come to your facility, check up on what is happening, give you a better idea of what is wrong, and ensure that you feel comfortable with our repairs.

    Contact Us Today to Get Started

    The importance of high-quality HVAC services simply cannot be understated. If you fail to take care of this need, you put your business at risks that it shouldn’t experience. Thankfully, working with our team can give you the help you need to get through Wisconsin winters in one piece.

    So please don’t hesitate to contact us at Bolder Services to get the Wisconsin local commercial HVAC services you need for your facility. Our team of experts will work hard to protect your property and ensure that you are comfortable, no matter what the conditions affect the state.

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