Why Choose Professional Maintenance: Commercial HVAC Contractors in Wisconsin Dells, WI

    How long has it been since your business last hired professionals for HVAC maintenance? Too many Wisconsin-based businesses simply install a unit and think that’s good enough. However, there’s a good chance that your unit may need real maintenance to run smoothly. Here are five signs that you may need a new commercial HVAC contractor in Wisconsin Dells, WI.

    #1 People are Complaining

    Most businesses live and die depending on the happiness of their customer base. This is true for every Wisconsin company, and must be taken into consideration. If your customers are complaining about the comfort level your facility is providing, you need to take action. It might be a lack of proper heating and cooling protection that’s causing the frustration? People may find it too cold to visit in the winter, or sweltering hot in the summer? If your business is getting these complaints, it is time to call in a professional HVAC contractor. Taking your customers’ complaints seriously shows them you care about their comfort. Once you’ve created a more comfortable and enjoyable experience for them, customers who may have been avoiding you will start considering your services or products once again.

    And just as significantly, taking care of your HVAC issues can help your employees stay comfortable. As the lifeblood of your company, employees also need to be treated well. If they’re experiencing discomfort, take them seriously and consult a commercial HVAC contractor to find the required solution .

    #2 Improper Heating Or Cooling

    When your unit is running improperly or not doing its job according to your needs, it is time for professional HVAC maintenance. Our team can help you in various situations to ensure that it runs properly. Call Bolder Services if you notice any of the following:

    • Grinding or growling noises that worsen as your unit runs and which can become intolerable
    • The wrong kind of air coming from your unit, i.e., hot air rushing out when trying to cool
    • Frozen coils that cause your unit to run poorly or damage its overall operation and efficiency
    • Failure to run when turned on, which can occur at various times throughout the season
    • Issues with the unit’s thermostat that may keep it from turning on or off effectively enough
    • Concerns with the unit’s efficiency make it struggle to keep up a smooth operation

    The moment you notice your unit isn’t running effectively, it is essential to contact a commercial HVAC contractor. A local or regional one should fully understand the needs of a Wisconsin Dells based business. Our team has worked with most types of heating and cooling units in your area, and will be able to meet all commercial maintenance needs of your company.

    #3 Odd Noises From Your Units

    The most common sign that you need an HVAC contractor in Wisconsin Dells, WI is your unit producing odd noises. Both winters and summers can be pretty harsh in the state, which puts a lot of strain on your unit. This may cause it to run poorly or awkwardly.

    We’ve already touched on the grinding and growling noises in the previous section. However, you might notice that your unit runs heavily at times, mainly when the temperature is extreme. These situations can cause strain on your unit, which may increase its operational volume.

    Even worse, you might notice rough sounds even when your unit operates at a low level. For example, you may turn your unit on at a low level when the temperature is mild and notice extreme sounds. This problem shows a severe problem that requires expert help right away.

    If you notice any odd noises that affect your unit’s operation or concern you, it is essential to get your unit looked at immediately to ensure that it is safe. Our team of professionals at Bolder Services will work hard to ensure that your system runs smoothly and efficiently.

    #4 Rising HVAC Bills

    One of the most common reasons businesses call in an HVAC contractor in Wisconsin Dells is rising energy bills. This issue affects almost every business in the state, and can be extremely frustrating when it occurs. It can manifest in any of the following ways:

    • Higher Cooling Bills – When you notice that your cooling bills increase even in a mild summer, there’s a real chance that your HVAC system needs to be maintained via various repair methods.
    • Increasing Heating Costs – If your heating bills go up even after putting in a more efficient system and better insulation, call us at Bolder Services to understand what is happening with your unit.
    • Worsened Maintenance Bills – Are you paying more to perform DIY maintenance like filter replacement? Your unit is likely struggling and needs some real attention ASAP.

    These many problems can be addressed by working with our team. We’ll do what we can to ensure that your system is more efficient and improve your overall heating and cooling efficiency. Taking care of this problem right away can ensure that you get the best attention necessary for your business.

    #5 Too Much Time Since Your Previous Maintenance

    When was the last time you called professional HVAC maintenance services for your Wisconsin business? Be honest with yourself: if you’re like most business owners or managers, it has probably been a very long time. That’s not uncommon, but it is a problem because it puts your facility at risk.

    After all, things like bad air filters, problems with your system’s operation, and more can all happen and make your unit run ineffectively. Even if you aren’t noticing any apparent signs of failure, you should still call us at Bolder Services if it’s been over five years since your last maintenance service.

    Our team will visit your site, check your system, diagnose any problems, and give you a care plan. We’ll try to stay within your budget whenever possible by fixing only what you need. We’ll then give you a report on our progress to ensure that you understand what we are doing for you.

    In this way, you can take care of your HVAC needs without spending too much money in the process. Just as importantly, you can keep your system from real failures, such as complete collapse, that may cost thousands and not hundreds of dollars to fix. Regular maintenance is just a smart investment you can’t afford to ignore.

    Call In a Specialized Commercial HVAC Contractor

    The dangers of poor HVAC maintenance during severe Wisconsin seasons make it important to get help from professionals. Bolder Services can provide specialized commercial HVAC maintenance services that will keep you safe and minimize your risk of serious problems. Contact us today to learn more!

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